Who Is The Next Mayor of San Diego – Poll

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2 Responses to Who Is The Next Mayor of San Diego – Poll

  1. John Swaim says:

    I voted for David Alvarez today. Knowing the problems associated with homelessness he offered up his district to help our most unfortunate. Instead of saying “Not in my backyard” he showed that he cared for all of San Diego.

  2. Unfortunately it appears that this poll never was participated fully by Faulconer or Fletcher supporters where Aguirre and Alvarez encouraged their supporters to take the poll. We did our own robo poll Nov 13, 2013. ePolitical USA commissioned and sponsored the robo poll independently. 74,000+ high propensity voters were called 15,000 answered the phone and 2044 opted in to take the single question poll by pressing one on their phone to participate. See the next article with the full results of that polling.

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