Robo-Poller ePolitical USA- 31st Congress District Baca 2-1 Lead Over Democrat Pack

ePolitical USA Robopoll

Baca 2013 Poll 2-1 over other Democrats

Sept 26, 2013 for June 2014 California Primary

Sept 26, 2013 for June 2014 California Primary

A September 26, 2013 survey of 2,559 participating high propensity voters in the 31st Congressional District conducted by a robo polling service,  ePolitical USA from San Diego, announced former Congressman Working Joe Baca had a better than 2-1 margin lead over 3 other announced democratic  candidates in upcoming June 2014 primary.  Current Congressman Gary Miller lead all candidates in the poll.

 Congressman Miller, the  lone Republican in the race, thus far,  lead sthe poll with 27.76%, followed by former Congressman Joe Baca with 19.59%. Redlands Mayor, Pete Aguilar, followed the top 2 with only 9.36%.  The other 2 announced democrats  San Bernardino School board member Danny Tillman  garnered 6.57% while Colton Attorney Eloise Gomez Reyes was at 6.08 %,  another 5.09% said they would vote for someone other than those presented .

 ePolitical USA Principal owner, Tony Inocentes, said one of the big surprises unveiled by the poll is that just 25.54% responded that they were undecided at this point. Inocentes said with the election not until June 2014 it was really unusual that the undecided vote would be so low. He said it was half than normal. He said it indicates the voters are already focused on this race as they are already getting behind a candidate.

 ePolitical USA is a non-partisan political digital services provider that is one of the original pioneers of robo polling nationally. They conducted their 1st poll on October 31, 2002, in Lynwood, CA.  Inocentes said when conducted properly their polls are rarely off  by more than 1%. He said this congressional poll is + 2%.  A video was released about this poll on the ePolitical USA’s channel on You Tube today also. A YOU TUBE video release is available at

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